The ultimate paradise - Episode1 - 3 - 

Di awaked when he noticed the subtle sound of gentle rain the next day. He got up and saw the weather through the window. Regrettably, it was raining outside. Di felt disappointment without knowing why at first, then he remembered the promise with the girl Cybel. They promised  'if the weather is fine'. Besides no one wants to walk around the fields in this kind of weather. So he wouldn't be able to meet her again, today, to say the least of it. Di sighed over the unpleasant prospect, then thought, 'if the weather is fine tomorrow'. So he had no plan particularly except for  his everyday holy mission of drawing or painting pictures. 

While Di was wondering whether he should sketch more or set to work on a brand-new canvas, the phone on the bedside table began to ring softly. He took up the phone thinking Daniel was calling.


"'Good morning, Di. Are you awake?" 

" Hi Daniel, yes I am. Looks like raining outside, isn't it?"

" Yeah, so we have plenty of time to talk today." 

" Do you? I know you're always busy."

"No, no, especially this summer. I have this mission of  entertaining my special guest."

Di laughed at Daniel's joke and said.


"Yes, of course. How about having breakfast together to begin with?"

"With pleasure, master. I'll be there soon."

Di hung up the phone and got up lively. He already forgot the promise with the girl because Daniel was far more important for him then. 

Di changed for simple daily clothes after a series of morning routine. Those were an usual shirt and white jeans, yet it didn't reduce anything from his perfect beauty.

When he reached the dining room, there already awaited Daniel and  an ordinary English breakfast. Di was  relieved because Daniel sometimes served strange foods to surprise his special guest. That was the thrill of it all these days.  

Di sat down at one side of the table and said to the great master. 

"Good heavens! It's normal."

Daniel laughed and said.

"Sorry, it seems it doesn't meet your expectations."

"Yes and no, I mean I like some of them. That morning porridge,  I mean so called kayu?, or  nori , tsukemono are not bad. Anmitsu and Ten-zalu are hits. But no more natto, please, if I have my choice."

"Well, of course, but that is good for health."

"Yeah, I know."

"So how about anmitsu for dessert?"

"Good. I love it."

"Well then, help yourself, please."

"Thank you, master."

Everything was tasty since not only Daniel was a good cook but also he already knew his guest's favorites. Di was satisfied and began to talk at ease. 

"By the way, I went a modern art exhibition the other day."

"Did you?"

"Yes. There were full of funny avant-garde pieces and every one of them was very interesting for me. But above all of them, I like Edger Russell's 'After Rose Selavie sneezed'. That's the white feather was blown far away from the cage and the cage was destroyed completely. Moreover those cubes were scattered all around helplessly or..., I may say happily.  When I saw it, I almost laughed aloud in the middle of the deadly silence of  the museum.  I believe that is a masterpiece."

Daniel laughed aloud while Di continued. 

"But why the white feather? I think the colour must be..."

"Stop. You shouldn't go too far. You know we're fighting against the superpower with our tiny little blushes. You should be careful. It's very dangerous."

Di thought for a while and nodded thoughtfully. 

"I see. You're right. I'll take your advice seriously."

Daniel smiled at his answer and said pleasantly.

"You know what I mean. That's the reason why I love you, little genius." 

"Thank you for the compliment.  But I know what I am now, master. You know my surroundings."

"You mean your house?"


"I know you're almost living in an large art museum."

"That's right. I was born and raised up in the middle of historical art pieces. Rembrandts, Turners, Rubenses, even a da Vinci. Also a corps of works by many impressionists, even Picassos and more modern master pieces, endlessly on and on for ever. How can I entertain my pride in this fatal situation? "

 "Ah..., I know how you feel." 

"Do you? Anyway I know what I am now. But I want to be one of them one day"

"You would  be."

"Do you really think so?"


"But you're laughing! "

"No, no, believe me, prince. You have that excellent sense of art. I really believe you could be one of them in the mean time. Try hard and hold on."

Di smiled to Daniel's advice and saluted.

"Yes, sir!"

They went on talking happily over the breakfast after that. When it almost finished, Di said.

"Thank you for the wonderful breakfast. But how about Ten-zaru for dinner?"

Daniel laughed amusingly. 

"As you wish, boy. I'm glad that you like it."

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