This category lists some of the Scritti Politti (and related) items that you can collect. All of these items are of UK origin (unless otherwise stated) and may have been different or unreleased in other countries. I have been very lucky to get hold of a lot of these items but as a rule, if are able to find somewhere that sells what you're after, it should be fairly cheap (as Scritti Politti items are not collected as widely as other artists, for example Madonna). 
I have included pictures so you can get an idea of what to look out for. 

Any items that have an asterisk (*) in the catalogue number column (on the left hand side) are items that I don't have, so I cannot verify the descriptions and track listings that I've given (and there aren't any pictures for them), although I believe them to be as correct as possible. 





Promo posters, pictures and other items 

Discography & chart placings