Green Gartside Related Materials



Song Eurythmics - 'Wrap It Up' 
Available on the Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' album (RCA). 

Single Elvis Costello - 'I Wanna Be loved' 
Backing vocals 
Record label: F-Beat 
Rumour has it that Green was in the same block of studios as Elvis Costello when he was recording this song, and that Green asked to add some backing vocals it (along with other backing singers). 
Green's vocals are very low in the mix and not easy to hear on some versions of this song. Available on Elvis Costello's 'Goodbye Cruel World' album (F-Beat). 

Single Chaka Khan - 'Love Of A Lifetime' 
Co-written, co-produced and performed with David Gamson 
Record label: Warner Bros 
In November of the previous year, Green writes and starts recording a 122 beats per minute song which is intended as a follow-up single to 'Perfect Way' (which never materialises). There is a strong possibility, however, that this is the same song as it is virtually a Scritti Politti song with Chaka Khan guesting on vocals (Green shares the verse vocals with her)! 
This song is very slick and is a MUST for all Scritti collections. 
Available on Chaka Khan's 'Destiny' album (Warner Bros). 

Single Al Jarreau - 'L Is For Lover' 
Co-written with David Gamson 
Record label: WEA 
This song was written by David Gamson and Green back in 1983. It was one of their first collaborations (along with the first version of 'Small Talk') but was not released due to Green's label change from 
Rough Trade to Virgin ('Small Talk' was not released as well but was later reworked for Scritti's 1985 'Cupid & Psyche 85' album). 
Al Jarreau's version of the song (which is produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, who worked on the first Scritti version of the song) is very similar in style to Scritti's 1984/1985 work. It is very easy to imagine Green singing it. 
Available on Al Jarreau's 'L Is For Lover' album (WEA). 

Single Winjama - 'A Place In The Sun' 
Record label: Creole records 
Green lends his vocal talents to this charity single (in aid of the Jamaican hurricane appeal). Other artists involved are Andy Bell (Erasure), Sinitta, Leee John (Imagination), Barrington Levy, Sylvia Tella, Trevor Walters, Simon Climie (Climie Fisher), Dixie Peach, Sandie Shaw, Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate), Ruby  Turner, and Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze). 

Single B.E.F. featuring Green Gartside - 'I Don't Know Why I Love  You (But I Love You)' 
Record label: Ten records 
In 1990 old friend Martyn Ware (of Heaven 17 and B.E.F.) manages to  track Green down and asks him to record a song for B.E.F.'s  forthcoming album. Green agrees and produces fantastic vocals for  this Stevie Wonder cover. B.E.F. generously allow Green to use spare  studio time to record two other cover-versions (The Beatles' 'She's  A Woman' and Gladys Night's 'Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me')  which are later released as singles (ironically charting higher than  the B.E.F. single). 
Because of Green's strong vocals, many fans view 'I Don't Know Why I  Love You (But I Love You)' as a Scritti single, and it is therefore  highly recommended listening for any Scritti fan. It is available on  the B.E.F. 'Music Of Quality And Distinction Vol.
II' album (Ten  records).