David Gamson Related Materials



Single David Gamson - 'Sugar Sugar' 
Written, performed and produced 
Record label: Rough Trade 
David's version of the famous Archies' song. It was rejected by Ze as it wasn't their style but Geoff Travis (from Rough Trade) was there at the time and offered to but it out in the UK. This, in turn, put David in contact with Green. 

Song David Gamson - 'No Turn On Red' 
Written, performed and produced 
Available on NME magazine's 'Jive Wire' sampler cassette (NME), and on the Beggars Banquet 'Sex, Sweat & Blood' compilation album (Island). 

Single Adele Bertei - 'When It's Over' 
Co-written, co-produced (also produced by Fred Maher and John Potoker) 
Record label: Chrysalis 

Single Chaka Khan - 'Love Of A Lifetime' 
Co-written, co-produced and performed with Green 
Record label: Warner Bros 
In November of the previous year, Green writes and starts recording a 122 beats per minute song which is intended as a follow-up single to 'Perfect Way' (which never materialises). There is a strong possibility, however, that this is the same song as it is virtually a Scritti Politti song with Chaka Khan guesting on vocals (Green shares the verse vocals with her)! 
This song is very slick and is a MUST for all Scritti collections. 
Available on Chaka Khan's 'Destiny' album (Warner Bros). 

Single Al Jarreau - 'L Is For Lover' 
Co-written with Green 
Record label: WEA 
This song was written by David Gamson and Green back in 1983. It was one of their first collaborations (along with the first version of 'Small Talk') but was not released due to Green's label change from Rough Trade to Virgin ('Small Talk' was not released as well but was later reworked for Scritti's 1985 'Cupid & Psyche 85' album). 
Al Jarreau's version of the song (which is produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, who worked on the first Scritti version of the song) is very similar in style to Scritti's 1984/1985 work. It is very easy to imagine Green singing it. 
Available on Al Jarreau's 'L Is For Lover' album (WEA). 

Album Luther Vandross - 'Any Love' 
2 of the songs: Co-written, keyboards and co-arranged 
Record label: Sony 
The first of David's songs, 'I Know You Want To', is a slow song in the Luther Vandross style. The second song, 'Come Back', is totally in David's style and is much catchier as a result. It even has keyboard sounds that are close to those used in 'Provision'. If you like Luther Vandross's voice, I recommend borrowing a copy of this album to check out 'Come Back'. 

Single Jaki Graham - 'From Now On' 
Written and produced 
Record label: EMI 
Available on Jaki Graham's 'From Now On' album (WEA). 

Song Five Star - 'Something About My Baby' 
Co-written and co-produced with Lloyd Cole 
Available on the CD version of Five Star's 'Greatest Hits' album 

Album Tony LeMans - 'Tony LeMans' 
5 of the songs: Co-written and produced 
Record label: Paisley Park 

Album Howard Hewett - 'Howard Hewett' 
2 of the songs: Written 
Record label: Elektra 
Howard Hewett used to be part of the group Shalamar. 

Album Donny Osmond - 'Eyes Don't Lie' 
3 of the songs: Co-written 
Record label: Capitol 

Album Roger (Troutman) - 'Bridging The Gap' 
4 of the songs: Keyboards, drums, programming and co-produced 
Record label: Reprise 
Roger Troutman is the man behind 80's funk group 'Zapp'. He also added his voice-box talents to Scritti's 'Boom! There She Was' and 'Sugar And Spice' (both on Scritti's 1988 'Provision' album). 

Song Sheila E - 'Droppin' Like Flies' 
Available on Sheila E's 'Sex Cymbal' album (Warner Bros). 

Album Chaka Khan - 'Woman I Am' 
Some of the songs: Keyboards, drum programming and produced 
Record label: Warner Bros 

Album Simple Pleasure - 'Simple Pleasure' 
Drums, programming and co-produced 
Record label: Reprise 

Song EPMD - 'Crossover' 
Available on EPMD's 'Business Never Personal' album (Def Jam). 

Song Gary Wright - 'Dream Weaver' 
Available on the 'Wayne's World' film soundtrack album (Reprise). 

Album Me'shell Ndegeocello - 'Plantation Lullabies' 
6 of the songs: drums and co-produced 
Record label: Maverick 

Album George Benson - 'Love Remembers' 
Keyboards, programming and co-produced 
Record label: Warner Bros 

Album Tia Carrere - 'Dream' 
Drums, keyboards, programming and co-produced 
Record label: Reprise 

Album Andy Snitzer - 'Ties That Bind' 
Keyboards, programming and produced 
Record label: Reprise 

Single Bushwackas - 'Rough Rugg'd & Raw' 
Record label: Pallas 

Song Cypress Hill - 'Strictly Hip Hop' 
Available on Cypress Hill's 'Cypress Hill III (Temple Of Bo)' album 

Song Chaka Khan - 'Love Me Still' 
Drums, keyboards, programming and produced 
This song was used for the television show 'Party of Five' and the film 'Clockers'. It is available on their soundtrack albums and also Chaka Khan's 'Epiphany: The Best Of Chaka Khan, Vol. 1' greatest hits album (Warner Bros). 

Album Me'shell Ndegeocello - 'Peace Beyond Passion' 
Drums, programming and produced 
Record label: Maverick 

Album Maxwell - 'Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite' 
Drums, keyboards and programming 
Record label: Columbia 

Song Me'shell Ndegeocello - 'Poison Ivy' 
Available on the 'Batman And Robin' soundtrack album (Warner Bros). 

Album Various - 'Space Jam' 
1 of the songs: Performed and produced 
Record label: Atlantic 

Album Samantha Powell - unknown 
2 of the songs: Produced 
Record label: RCA 

Album Nicole Rene - unknown 
Record label: Atlantic 

Album Richard Stites - unknown 
2 of the songs: Produced 
Record label: Interscope 

Album Me'shell Ndegeocello - forthcoming album 
Record label: Maverick 

Album Scritti Politti - forthcoming album 
Record label: Virgin