Scritti Politti History

1983 - 88

Green's days now consist mainly of going for walks and playing darts in the pub. He probably lacks a bit of self-confidence due to the limited success of 'Provision' and its singles. He also regularly travels to London and Bristol to buy records, mainly 'ragga' (reggae rap). 

Having a lot of time to himself, Green is able to learn about new studio techniques. This probably includes home computer-sequenced music (which is becoming popular at this time). 

Middle of the year - 'Small Talk' is used as the soundtrack to a short animated television advert for Mercury 'phonecards. 

End of the year - An old friend, Martyn Ware (of Heaven 17 and BEF), asks Green to contribute to BEF's second album of cover versions, called 'Music Of Quality And Distinction Vol. II'. 
Martyn suggests a few songs for Green to do, and they decide to work on an old Stevie Wonder song called 'I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Love You)'. 
Green persuades Martyn to give him a bit more studio time so that he can work on one of the other songs that Martyn had suggested, a Beatles' song called 'She's A Woman'. At the same time reggae rapper Shabba Ranks has come over to do his (ill-fated) Brixton gig (where there is a shooting). Thanks to a few contacts, Green manages to contact Shabba's manager The Specialist, who puts Green through to Shabba. At the time, Shabba is in a room with singer Maxi Priest. Shabba hasn't even heard of Scritti Politti before but fortunately Maxi puts in a good word and Shabba agrees to listen to Green's song. 
He and his manager really like it and Shabba agrees to rap 'over' the song. 

Continuing on from 'She's A Woman', Green (34) starts working on an album of new songs. 

March - 'She's A Woman' is released as a single by Virgin. It gives Green another top UK 40 hit, at UK#20. The single is a cover version of an old Beetles B-side and features reggae rapper Shabba Ranks. 

August - 'Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me' is released by Virgin. It just falls short of the top 40 at UK#47. The single is a cover version of an old Gladys Night song and features reggae rapper Sweetie Irie. 

September - BEF's song featuring Green, 'I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Love You)', is released as a single. Seen by many Scritti fans as a fine example of Green's vocal talents (and the last release to feature his voice) it sadly disappears without trace, not even denting the UK top 75. 

BEF's album 'Music Of Quality And Distinction Vol. II' (called 'A History Of Modern Soul Vol. II' in the US) is released. 

Green disappears again without trace, probably back to South Wales. 

There are plans by Virgin to release some sort of Scritti Politti compilation album but this will not happen. It is rumoured that Green doesn't feel he has enough material for such an album. In reality he probably has complete control of his recordings and therefore Virgin cannot produce such an album without his authority. 

October - Green (40) is spotted walking with Glenn Gregory (of Heaven 17 and BEF) in London near to where Heaven 17 have just finished recording their latest album 'Bigger Than America'. In an interview, Heaven 17 reveal that Green has had his lip pierced! 

April - Rumours of a complete new album are confirmed by a contact at Virgin. Although they have not heard the new material, they are confident and hope to release the new album and a single within the year. 

September - David Gamson's management company (World's End Producer Management) announce in their web site that David has started work on the new Scritti Politti album. 

By the end of the year, recording is still progressing well. The drummer for the new album is Abe Laboriel (a drummer who has previously worked with K.D. Lang). 

June - Green and David Gamson finish remixing the new album in Battery's Studio K2, with engineer Bob Power and assistant engineer Melanie Jones.