What's Art, What' Love


Well, here's  just another view on the Scritti Politti. 

There must be a lot of other theories, but for me, love means always this only one thing..., spontaneously given, straight from your own heart.So it could save, it could destroy. In that sense, love is a double-edged sword.

And sometimes it won't fade until the end of one's life. Only in that case, love means forever.

When you come to love someone, it exists inside you before confessing your feelings to the person you love?

And when you lose someone, the feelings for the person still exist inside until you completely forget her/him whom you once loved?

So I captured it. The feelings inside you means LOVE.

And if you truly love someone, the feelings seldom leave you completely after the person you love has gone. You may forget for a while or for a long time, but it still live inside and you'll remember its existence from time to time.

But people do not always love only a living man or a woman.

Sometimes it's your birthplace, your country, your house and garden, your child, the scenery around you, your parents, your friends, or it may be something you bought like cars or dolls..., and sometimes the world or the ideal.

Green said in one interview, he lost his love long ago.

But I think his way of  love has actually changed, the Sweetest Girl still exist inside him. As long as he cries over his first good-bye, his feelings for her still exists in his mind. How can he lose his love when it's still exist in him? How can he throw his own heart away? If he really lost his love completely, his lyrics must be different from the way it is now.

Yes, he quit a full-time lover for her I'm sure. But anyway not many people can do such an enormous job. Yet I believe he's still doing what he can do for it without mentioning, and won't forget her until the end of his life. That's  because his love is a real thing.

And first of all, if he hadn't fallen in love with her long ago, there wouldn't be this little girl.

The child contains a lot of elements including the definition of  love and it's a real bomb as he mentioned in one of his incredible lyrics.

Well, then let's talk about art.

It's a history of love.

It seems that Green is always caring about whether his discs will be well accepted or not. Well, it's very important for an artist who is working in the world of pop music and it's good if  his pieces are recognized well. But still, I don't think he needs to worry.

I believe his love for the music is real and in that sense, he already won everything in the history of art.

As Oscar Wilde wrote, not everyone can love something.

Also he wrote, there is not many art, there's only one. I can agree with him completely. Of course there are a lot of styles different from each other, but the spirit in it is always the same.

And the creativity means also something spontaneously from one's heart. The originality. Like love itself, art has only one meaning.

The industry needs a lot of making up but in the history of  art, only the real thing can survive. Time will tell. So I hope he'll stick only to himself and do what he really want to do.

If he produces something very acceptable for everyone and won the first prize at the chart, but if it's not something he really wants to create, a real Scritti lover or anyone who has a quality ear will automatically reject such a boring product. As the result, it'll be slashed from the history and no one will remember its existence after 30years from now. 

But I'm sure his pieces will have many many listeners in the future, give a special gift to them, and will be loved by a lot of people even  after he's no more.

Don't you think it's  a real victory or triumph in one's life?