Scritti Politti


-- single sheet fanzine, February 1979

Words: Ian Penman.

   (Initial hypothesis) The first risk



industry of late it is widely not too hot, discursively speaking, no

prospects, of interest internment unrest, will be whiling away a

whole already unable capital...

The impress -quarter -grid of this forced-hearing central pop u lation

is where beat in the administration ousts the packaged Riff.

That the intent has to amend law and a garrulous chit-chat yik-yak

situation, precarious, the focal element.

According to young analysts who seek this-year prospects of political

or things beat for education, annihilation, resistance...

On the border, their brink, our use of concepts of discontinuity,

rupture, threshold, limit, series, and transformation.

Questions of procedure.




               discourse of late


Scritti Politti

pull and push

beat politik

onomatopoeiac...formation of words by imitation of sounds associated

with the act or object to be denoted...sections seen emerging from a

! relentless rockers...

in the discursive validation of claims to validity, and the

discursive dissolution of opinions and norms the validity of which

is based on unjustified claims, no matter to what extent it is actually


        "some kind of piecemeal engineering or dismantling of

problems as wee come to them, with new sets of tools that aren't really

derived formally from the history of rock n roll..."

                                                Scritti Politti:

between function and heart, past and potential, 'politics' and

'aesthetics', communication and control, knowledge and interest. The

problems and positions of useful action with and in rock music demand

rigour: doubt beat! provisional fever...

"If people wanted to know what we were about, instead of going into a

tedious attempt at grand plans and grand strategies which we don't

really have...It's very much a bit by bit sorting of things, using

new ways of talking about it..."

                            You search long modern England fast and

the song has four short choruses to stagger through, artificially

autobiographical in this age and date, a vein like this. In the upper

discourse, time and trial, all the usual defence and systems of

regularities, auto-changes knowledge regularly, must dash. Intro the

processes of what some would like to constitute real belief, sound un-

tampered it's four o clock never mind that old slack magic looking into

hermeneutical heirlooms, to the time, not signs of historical contempt,

lock into

 the ballrooms

    there's a battle! all the spaces a set affords...

                                                      the sense of

                                                  practical change

of established conditions, and the realisation of goals which demand the

risk of

    taking sides, and, thus, precisely the relinquishment of the neutral

role of

    a participant in discourse: all because I ask the question...

(I) try to explore the discourse not from the point of view of the

individuals who are speaking/playing, nor from the point of view of the

formal structures of what they are saying/playing, but from the point of 

                                                               view of

the rules

      that come into play in the very existence of such discourse: what


      have to be fulfilled, not to make the discourse coherent and true

in general

      but to give it, at the time when it was produced and accepted, 

value and

      practical application

                           ...presented with a threat.


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